Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Journey Begins

Hello everybody, this is your host tkin here, from now on this blog will guide you through the sea of information spread through the internet, it'll teach you to filter through the vast caches of knowledge out there and select those that will work for you, I'll post Hardware, Software and Game reviews as they come out and will also share various tips and tricks with you that will help you live your digital lives a bit better than the rest, so come, follow me into this vast and infinite world  called the Internet.
So spread the word, read this blog regularly to increase your knowledge and take part in the digital revolution.

First a little introduction, my name is Akash, I'm a student of computer science and living in Kolkata, my hobbies include listening to music, playing computer games(Crysis FTW!!) and watching movies, I'm a total tech junkie and learning new tips and tricks about computers and dissecting hardware is what I love, I've gathered a lot of knowledge about computers over the past years(yet there's still a lot to learn) and I've finally decided to share this knowledge with you, you may find a lot of posts here about stuffs that you already know yet there's always more to learn, if these posts help you in any way then please let me know in the comments section, and feel free to point out any mistakes that I've made, I'm new to blogging and prone to making mistakes but with your help one day I'll become a much better blogger, so without further delay(and boring intros) I'll start my blogging.

Computer Specs:
Intel C2D E8400 (I know, its damn old)
2GBx2 Kingston DDR2 RAM
Asus P5Q
XFX HD5850
Samsung T220
Corsair HX620
Seagate 500GB+WD Green 500GB
3xSamsung DVD Writer
Logitech G500 Mouse
Altec Lansing Octane.7

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